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Do you want to register a business name or a company?
Do you need KRA PIN and Tax Compliance certification after the registration?

Let our team at Visacom Ventures sort you out at very affordable rates. We are committed to efficient processing of these services.

Requirements for Registration of a Limited company in Kenya

  • Name Search
  • Drafting of Memorandums and Articles of Association
  • Statement of Nominal Capital
  • Payment of Stamp Duty
  • Forms 201, 208 and 203. Registration
  • Certificate of Incorporation

Requirements for Business Name Registration

  • Name Search.
  • Form BN2
  • Registration Certificate BN3

Our Business service is fast and reliable. Coupled with years of experience, exposure and goodwill is whats makes Visacom Ventures your preferred Business startup partner and market entry consultant.

At Visacom Ventures, we understand that:

  • The Registration, startup, sale or purchase of a business is serious business. It is our only business.
  • Our clients require ethical, intelligent, competent, direct and straightforward counsel.
  • Our clients deserve hassle free win-win transactions with no unnecessary surprises.
  • Clients need a stress free solution for Business start ups.


The following packages are offered at Visacom Ventures. We provide our services in a timely and professional manner.